Release Notes

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1.1 Release

New Features

  • Fundraise page QR code modification
    The design layout and functionality of the QR codes has been updated to improve the usability. There will now be 3 sharing options beneath the QR code. Email option, save to device, and sharing the code, which will also include a link to your personal page aside from the QR code. (MA-351, MA-297)
  • Multi-program event app support
    The ability to support multiple P2P event programs as micro-apps in one organizational mobile app. (MA-278, MA-179)
  • DIY support
    Provided support for DIY event types, including hiding the event countdown on the home page of the app. (MA-269, MA-268)
  • App content
    All content in the app is managed server and can be modified without needing to submit another build to the store. (MA-39, MA-38)
  • Team functionality modifications
    We have split out team functionality into two sections Recruit Team members and Manage Team. (MA-357, MA-298)
  • Team Page
    As a team captain, you can manage your team page by going to Manage Page. You can edit your team’s personal URL, teams’ photo, and teams’ story via the mobile app. (MA-283, MA-284)
  • Manage Your Page
    Manage Your Page design has been modified to improve usability by condensing the information displayed to the user. (MA-282, MA-281)


  • Classy Sign in Email
    When signing into the app users can now enter an email address of type .org or .net. MA-353)
  • Updated goal and raised amount on Push Notifications
    We resolved the issue where push notifications were not fetching the latest amount raised, and goal information for users before push notifications were sent out. (MA-266)