Unlocking P2P Potential

Optimize your P2P Impact

We bring over 20 years of experience on maximizing fundraising in the nonprofit P2P industry and have had the opportunity to work with 70%+ of the top 30 P2P programs. We are innovators at heart and have experience in developing P2P fundraising strategies that will transform your P2P program to stand out from the crowd, through innovative strategies and technologies including digital and mobile solutions. We are focused on providing high impact ROI solutions to increase participant adoption, recruitment and engagement leading to increased participant fundraising.

Fundraising Strategy

Understanding the dynamic of the P2P event, what drives success, what attracts participants, what is driving fundraising and how to optimize participant recruitment, participant engagement leading to increased fundraising. As part of the fundraising strategy support, multi-channel content marketing and staff augmentation is available to provide P2P teams additional hands-on support.

Digital & Mobile Strategy

Innovative digital and mobile strategies and solutions focused on optimizing the participant engagement . Meeting your target audience where they are and developing solutions that resonate with their interests to keep them engaged leading to increased fundraising.

Analytics & Reporting

Perform P2P analysis on event performance, identifying areas for improvement and providing actionable data driven recommendations. Data driven enablement across P2P teams with process flow decision making models to provide guidance on maximizing fundraising potential.

P2P Program Assessment

Perform a deep dive analysis on a P2P portfolio/event including landscape assessment, industry benchmark comparison, financial analysis and stakeholder interviews. Identify program growth strategy including recommendations and revenue forecast model.