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We use modern technology to assist our clients in optimizing participant engagement and maximize fundraising.

Our Services

Our philosophy made simple.

We start by understanding your goals, objectives, and your current state. Next, we collaborate to define success criteria and KPIs. Finally, we provide you with recommendations, roadmap and/or collaborate to bring your peer-to-peer vision to life.

Peer-to-Peer Strategy

Understanding the dynamic of the P2P event, what drives success, what attracts participants, and what drives fundraising. Based on your organization and event, define how to optimize participant recruitment, participant engagement leading to increased fundraising.

Services include:

Fundraising planning & strategy

Event concept development

Multi-channel content marketing including SMS, Mobile App, Email

Innovative Custom Development

Innovative strategies and solutions focused on optimizing participant engagement, driving results, and increasing your impact. Meeting your target audience where they are and developing solutions that resonate with their interests to keep them engaged, leading to increased fundraising. Solutions designed and developed by Nuclavis have been used by enterprise nonprofit organizations at scale with million+ users per year. We also have expertise in leading-edge technology, including augmented reality.

Services include:

Innovative technology strategies to solve your peer-to-peer needs

Mobile custom development

Custom development solutions

Operational & Process Efficiencies

Perform an assessment of your peer-to-peer processes to assist with metrics to increase efficiencies. Using Six-Sigma philosophy we work to provide you support in identifying areas for improvement and creating a plan of execution. We will maximize your resources to increase your staff retention while increasing your overall fundraising and impact. 

Services include:

Six Sigma assessment & recommendations

Data driven enablement

Staff enablement - workshops, training and educational materials

P2P Program Assessment

Perform a deep dive analysis on a P2P portfolio or event program to define actionable growth strategies and recommendations. Understanding how the event is performing, how it compares to industry benchmark and like-type organizations.

P2P assessment includes:

Competitive landscape assessment

Industry benchmark comparison

Stakeholder interviews

Identify program growth strategy and recommendations

3 – 5 year revenue forecast model

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