Article5 Ways to Promote Corporate Partners in Your Mobile App

January 11, 2024

Corporate partnerships have become an increasingly important aspect of peer-to-peer (P2P) fundraising programs in recent years. As companies look for new ways to engage employees and give back to the communities and constituencies that matter most to them, partnering with peer-to-peer community events has become a win-win.

Because of this, many corporate partners and sponsors are looking for engagement opportunities beyond logo placement on event signage and websites. The challenge that many nonprofit organizations face is how to meet their corporate partners’ expectations and provide value to both the company and to their P2P participants.

But if you have a mobile app for your fundraising program, you have a secret weapon to help you tackle the challenge.

According to a recent survey by Accelerist, 81% of corporate executives consider digital assets to be a highly important aspect of their sponsorship, and the top 3 ways they want to be recognized in the digital space are social media, mobile app placement, and email marketing.

In-app Sponsor LogosNow more than ever, peer-to-peer program managers have to get creative and plan ahead for new opportunities to offer corporate partners. To help you start planning, here are 5 fresh, new ways to honor your commitment to your corporate partners, and help their brand shine using your peer-to-peer program’s mobile app.

1. Logo recognition. In addition to adding sponsor logos on your website and in emails, include them in your mobile app. Nuclavis-powered apps allow you to display logos on the overview screen for a single event, multiple events, or all events in a program, for National Sponsors.

2. App Push Notifications. When creating your digital communication plan, look for places you can highlight corporate partners and include push notifications in addition to email, text, and social media. Go beyond the generic “thank you to our corporate sponsor” by developing a fundraising match, promotion, or coupon to offer event participants.

3. Disruption Screens. Have a big promo opportunity with a corporate sponsor? In addition to promoting it in emails, you can also create a disruption screen in your mobile app to place it front and center the next time fundraisers log into the app. You can even include a video or graphic to capture participants’ attention.

4. Fundraising & Activity Challenges. Create an activity challenge for participants and invite one of your corporate partners to sponsor it. For example: walk 10,000 steps per day this week/ride 100 miles this month/earn 500 activity points by x date and raise $100 to complete the challenge. Invite the sponsor to match all funds raised, donate per mile/step/activity point, and/or offer an incentive to challenge completers.

5. Mobile Sponsorships. Invite one of your corporate partners to sponsor your mobile app, or to sponsor a special experience in the app. For example, Crayola could sponsor a custom augmented reality coloring activity in the app, or Polaroid could sponsor custom photo filters or stickers participants can use when they share an image on social media.

And that’s just the beginning! With custom development, you can do even more to shine the spotlight on your most valuable corporate partners, like integrating a store-finder feature, developing augmented reality mission moments, or creating a mission-based learning activity and quiz.

When thinking about how to provide value to your corporate partners, keep mobile top of mind, and don’t be scared to try new ideas. We’re here to help!