Article5 Tips to Boost Mobile App Adoption

April 15, 2024

Blog Post: 5 Tips for Mobile App Adoption

In peer-to-peer fundraising, we know that getting participants to take certain actions, like updating their fundraising page, making a self-donation, or posting their fundraising link on social media, will lead to higher fundraising results. That’s why we coach these behaviors through digital channels, guides, and phone calls with participants.

Getting participants to get and use your mobile app is another indicator of fundraising success – a big one! It’s true for every single client we work with: fundraisers who use a Nuclavis-powered mobile fundraising app raise more than those who use online fundraising tools alone. For event types with fundraising minimums, app users raise 20-50% more than other fundraisers, and for community events without a minimum, app users can raise up to 400% more.

If you could get just 10% of your fundraisers to quadruple their fundraising, what impact would that have for your P2P program?

Education and promotion are the keys to driving more participants to adopt your app and raise more money for your event or campaign. Whether having a mobile app is brand new for your participants, or you’ve offered an app for years, it’s a good time to assess your coaching and adoption strategies and put mobile front and center.

To get you started, here are our top 5 best practices to optimize mobile app adoption.

1. Registration Confirmation Emails. Nuclavis mobile apps are intended for registered participants, so start promoting the app right after a participant registers. Include app links and buttons in your registration confirmation email, and let participants know how using the app can help increase their impact for your mission.

IceCycle Confirmation Email

2. Participant Center/Fundraising Dashboard. If your fundraising platform allows for customization, create a section in your online fundraising center dedicated to promoting the mobile app. For those using Luminate Online, you can even include a banner that appears when participants access the Participant Center on a mobile device.

IceCycle Participant Center

3. Text Messaging. Mobile-based messaging is the perfect avenue to promote your app. Send a coaching text message inviting participants to install the mobile app, and include links to the App Store and Google Play store so they can get it right away.

ALZ Text Message

4. Coaching Content. In coaching emails, text messages, guides, and even in conversation with your participants, talk about the features of the app, and what’s in it for them to get the app. For instance:

  • Use our mobile app to text friends and family to ask for donations.
  • Print or share the QR code in your app with others so they link directly to your fundraising page and donate.
  • With our mobile app, you can get notified in real time when you receive a new donation and send thank you notes to your donors via email, text, or social post.

Go beyond the ‘get the app’ call to action and tell them how the app can help them fundraise.

MMRF Coaching Content

5. Add QR Codes to Guides, Flyers, and Posters. Lastly, think about your printed resources. If you’re sending out participant guides or printing posters or flyers for a kickoff event, include QR codes linking to your app in the App Store and Google Play, so participants can scan and easily get the app.

ALZ Walk Poster

With these five tips, you are sure to see an increase in mobile adoption and donations. Want to learn more about Nuclavis products and services? Let us know!